Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve ( according to Chris Evans)

A view from NB Bendigedig

Another very cold night but no more snow. Ben and I explored the woods as this is his favourite walk then it was time for the coal run. We needed a couple of bags to keep us going over Christmas so out came the trolleys and off we went. After that it was a walk into Ellesmere to get some brandy sauce for the Christmas pud. Walking past 'The Black Lion' we decided to have some lunch. This time we sampled the steak and kidney pie excellent value at £4.95 each for the smaller portions, and it tasted delicious. My £10 Christmas bonus on my pension paid for this! After lunch we did the last few bits of shopping as the last place I want to be on Christmas Eve is in the queues at Tesco.

Back on the boat is was time to resuscitate the fire as we hadn't planned to be so long. Soon it came back to life and we settled down for a cosy evening on the boat. Ben just wanted to play ball so we didn't get much peace. Two more sleeps until Christmas day!

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