Sunday, December 19, 2010

Brr It's Cold!

A snowy scene - Llangollen (21/02/2010)
Snow fell on Friday and I was so glad I came back to the boat before the travel chaos on roads and trains. We had more snow on Saturday with overnight temperatures about minus 12 degrees and the canal froze over once again. Listening to the weather forecast it's very cold in Shropshire. Overnight we leave the diesel heater on set at 5 degrees C just in case the temperature drops too much and last night the heating came on at 6 am. The noise it makes wakes me up but at least it kept the engine a bit warmer overnight. In the morning we needed a bag of coal for the stove and some diesel to keep that heater going but we were in luck as a boater was going on a diesel run to Grindley Brooke so he brought us back some at 65p rather than 91p a litre as it is in Blackwater Meadow Marina.

Nothing much happening today other than dog walking in the snow through the woods and alongside the Mere where the soft snow made easy walking and a careful walk on icy pavements through Ellesmere back along the Arm to the boat. I then did some food shopping as we're having Christmas on the boat as our plans to go to Newport have been postponed until the weather's better and much much warmer.


Alf said...

91p a Litre ! Thats not a price, that extorsion !! They should be ashamed of themselves !

Elsie said...

It certainly is but at least we have diesel within walking distance.