Thursday, November 25, 2010

Just Hanging Around

Ben loves a paddle!

Not doing much this week with the boat moored up near Ellesmere and Eric has gone to Newport for a hospital appointment while I stay here with Ben the dog. I haven't done anything worth blogging about - just the usual dog walking, food shopping, reading a book and plenty of time 'silver surfing'.

It got cold on the boat and the heating cut in about 3.00 am when it fell below 10 degrees C. I was warm and cosy and the other end was warmer with the coal fire. Perhaps we should have had a central stove on our boat. I've heard various stories on how good/not so good those eco fans so I'll just have to try one one day! I was pleased the Mikuni diesel heater actually came on as it can be a bit temperamental and refuse to come on if the batteries are a bit low. Also we seem to have less trouble with it if we put it on for an hour to give it a good blast rather than let the programmer keep putting it on and off.

The temperature outside was -1 degree C at 9.00 am this morning so Ben the dog will have to wait a bit for his walk. I know he's got a fur coat but I haven't! No I don't want one I'd rather see the fur on the animal it belongs to. I've been telling Ben what a lucky boy he is to have a nice warm boat rather than the drafty barn he was living in as a puppy with the farm dogs. He loves to stretch out by the fire so he likes his creature comforts. No kennel for Ben, although I don't know what the fuss is about in the John Lewis ad- it's only and advert and it's probably fake snow anyway.

We're off for a walk around the Mere and no doubt Ben will paddle in it unless of course the edge is frozen!

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