Monday, November 29, 2010

Ice, Frost But No Snow Yet

Last night it was very cold outside, so cold that the Llangollen Canal froze at Ellesmere. The boat creaked and groaned in the ice too. Out came the hot water bottles to warm those toes. We put the Mikuni heating on while we charged the batteries until 8pm but the bedroom end got very cold last night even though I fed the fire coal at regular intervals. As usual I am not sleeping that well but it has it's advantages as at least the fire doesn't go out. The heating refused to come on this morning but came on fine once the engine had topped up the batteries. Next spring we are going to need new batteries at this rate.
This mornings walk was up the canal towards Frankton Junction as I wanted to walk somewhere where Ben didn't need a lead. It was crunchy underfoot and the canal was frozen except for short stretches underneath the canal bridges. Nobody about and well wrapped up it was nice to be out walking. After that Ben went back on the boat while Eric and I got some cans of fuel to top up the tank for the heating. We won't be cruising until the ice goes as we don't want to be stuck in the ice miles away from the BW services. We bought ourselves an early Christmas present- an Ecofan- in an attempt to spread the heat on the boat which seems to be at head height when you stand up.
We think we must be old and feeling the cold more. this morning a couple came off their boat in little jackets and the bloke had his sleeves pushed up. We had hats, scarfs, gloves and thick coats!


Linda said...

Wot - no thermal underwear or fleece lined trousers - I must be feeling older than you, or getting more prepared for the 3rd cold winter in a row! Sorry to hear about your wrist - lucky it isn't broken although I guess it is just as painful.

Elsie said...

I'm usually warm when I'm walking but Eric has a new set of thermals!We do seem to be having much colder winters. Eric's getting better at washing up with all the practise.

Chris and Debbie, said...

Hi there,

I have just found your Blog (and will be adding it to our Blogroll) and I think the bloke with his sleeves rolled up was me.

I carry a few too many pounds around with me, which is handy in the winter but bad news in the summer! whatever that is.

Regards Chris & Debbie Ubique.

Elsie said...

Hello Chris & Debbie,

We passed you both when we went to fill up the water containers. You just made us feel cold!