Thursday, November 04, 2010

Back In Ellesmere-There's Room On The Arm!

NB Bendigedig on Ellesmere Arm

On Tuesday we decided to move from above New Marton Locks with Ben and I walking on to open the locks gates in readiness for the boat. There were no queues today. Ben and I walked for a while along the muddy towpath before getting back on the boat. It took far less time to get from New Marton to Ellesmere going with the flow of the water, although Eric had to give short bursts in reverse every so often to get rid of leaves on the propeller. We only met a couple of boats on the move as it was quite cold in the wind, in fact we had cups of Mulligatawny soup to keep us warm.

I should never have same the pump problem was fixed- it started leaking again this morning. We decided to head for Ellesmere Arm as it would be easier for Mark aka The Yellow Van to come to us to sort out the problem. He replaced the pump protector , a filter which hadn't been replaced when the new pump was installed three weeks ago. So let's hope it's sorted....fingers crossed!

Wednesday morning came but we had a noisy night with the wind and the rain lashing on the boat, with the added noise of drips and little bits fallen off the overhead tree. Ben wasn't quiet either he must have heard something to start him barking. The tree noises were our own fault for mooring under a tree but to get a satellite signal Eric knew where we needed to be.

While we're here in Ellesmere we both need to get some haircuts, I keep telling Eric he's like Freddy Boswell from 'Bread' in the morning- if you're young enough to have seen the TV program! Ben and I will be walking some nice familiar walks too viewing the Autumn colours. So it's just restocking of the fridge before we're off cruising again to that nice spot out in the countryside for November 5th.

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