Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wet, Wet,Wet -Wrenbury To Quoisley Lock

The weather didn't look at all promising on Tuesday morning but we needed a change of scenery or should I say greenery. We'd spent a week at Wrenbury just off the visitor moorings so we were itching to move. Any way wet gear on and off we went in the rain- showers it said but it was heavy rain with very short dry sunny bits! Ben and I squelched (I need new boots!) along the towpath while Eric sheltered under the large umbrella which was soon discarded after the wind got up. It felt really cold too.

Arriving at Marbury Lock we pulled in for a cuppa and then worked through the lock with the rain still hammering down. Ben and I had got wet enough so it was back on the boat for the final stretch to moor on the visitor moorings before Quoisley Lock. The rain hammered on the roof all afternoon and the boat looked like a laundry as the washing had piled up because we weren't doing any washing until we could fill up the water tank. I should say we had plenty of water for our personal use! Luckily Wrenbury Mill allowed us to use their facilities when we had the gas work done, as the next services were above Grindley Brook. Once the rain stopped we had a quiet night out in the countryside.

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