Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sun Rise At Coole Pilate Then Water Troubles!

Sun rise on NB Bendigedig

Early this morning the central heating cut in- it was 12 degrees C on the boat and my nose was cold. I waited for it to warm up a bit before leaving my warm bed to take Ben out to water the hedge. We'd had a frost and the roof was white, there was a low mist and the sun was rising shining on the side of the boat, so I took a photograph.

Back inside I wiped the dripping windows before getting up. Eric said 'Have you put the washing machine on 'cause it looks as if it's emptying?' Then we realised it was the wrong side of the boat and it was the cabin bilge was pumping out water like we'd never seen before. Where do we start to find the leak? Well we started at the water pump under the sink and yes it was leaking rather a lot. A phone call to Mark Edwards and he came to us at Nantwich with a new pump that afternoon. Eric was worried if he tried to fix it we'd end up with a flood!

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