Thursday, October 28, 2010

Slowly Does It- Just To Hindford

Frankton Staircase Locks (Montgomery Canal)

On Tuesday Ben and I walked down the Montgomery Canal in the rain. There were a couple of boats waiting for their booked passage between 12 and 2pm but few boats about otherwise. What a change from the Llangollen Canal this week where boats are passing us every few minutes in their rush to get to Llangollen. We are not in a rush so we decided to stay put as the weather wasn't good. Ben still needed a walk so off we went down the Montgomery Canal with Ben enjoying a good run along the towpath with nobody else about. The wind in my face made it quite cold but with the wind behind me I was fine. Ben got rather wet but after a rub down with a towel he was fine. Later in the day NB Poppy, a fellow blogger's boat passed us by on their way to Ellesmere and I shouted hello to the steerer. We had a quiet enough night once the boat traffic stopped apart from wind and heavy rain in the night.

On Wednesday we didn't go far briefly stopping at Maestermyn to get some black paint to touch up the scrapes on the gunnels. Ben and I walked with the boat as far as Hindford, where Jack Mytton's pub is canalside. We met NB Shush on their way to Ellesmere and moored up for a chat. Boats continued to pass us by heading for the locks at New Marton. Alan and Eiddwen mentioned the queues to go through the locks so we decided to stay put at Hindford. Perhaps it will be quieter tomorrow.


artymess said...

Don't know much about the Montgomery Cnal so I'll go and do some investigating....happy cruising......x

Elsie said...

It's a great canal for peace and quiet. It currently navigable from Frankton Junction on the Llangollen Canal to just after Maesbury Marsh where restoration is ongoing.There are other isolated
sections further south but it would end in Newtown if it ever gets completely restored. Happy teaching.