Friday, October 29, 2010

A Short Cruise To New Marton Locks

Going in New Marton Bottom Lock

What a night, it poured with rain last night and the trees dripped on the boat all night so it was noisy with the wind as well. In the morning the boat was covered in leaves, but at least the rain had stopped. We headed for New Marton Locks and there were no queues towards Llangollen but a long queue going the other way. Ben and I walked as usual, rather muddy underfoot but I wasn't surprised after all that rain. We worked quickly through the two locks and then stopped for water as I'd done a load of washing. We finally stopped on the Visitor Moorings. We can see hills from the boat windows - the Berwyn Hills.
We decided to walk up to Stan's Supermarket in St Martins but it was uphill so it took us about half an hour, we're not used to hills spending so much time walking the towpaths. Nice views of more hills at the top. Plenty of choice in Stan's but we only we did a bit of shopping (two rucksacks full) before the easier downhill walk back. It didn't seem so far with a bag of chips from the chippy on the way back.

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