Sunday, October 03, 2010

Rain Stopped Play -Cruising and Golf !

On the Visitor Moorings at Bridge 8 we could see the lovely heart on the back doors of NB Derwent 6. Del was making us feel guilty as he was cleaning brasses. Not long afterwards it started to rain! We checked the weather forecast and it confirmed the next day was going to be dreadful so we decided we were going nowhere. Ben and I did venture out in the morning and I didn't get too wet as I had my wet gear on. Ben just had a rub down with a towel when we came back. Derwent 6 decided to stay put too!

After a day watching the rain, which also stopped the Ryder Cup Golf in Newport,the following day was dry so were on our way again. The Shroppie has long straight sections, with high embankments and deep cuttings where the greenery flourishes. I took this photo in June of this year when it was very hot but today you needed a jumper. Ben and I had a lovely walk as far as Brewood but it was very muddy in places. Ben looked after the boat while we popped into Brewood for a few essentials. Then we were on our way again.

We planned to stop just outside Gnosall but as usual there were boats already moored in the only spaces where satellite was possible. A few spaces in Gnosall Visitor Moorings weren't any good as there were trees everywhere. So we carried on and finally Ben had a walk along the Shelmore Embankment and we were at Norbury Junction. Luckily a boat was leaving so we had a place to stay as the weather forecast is not good for Sunday either.

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