Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No Leaks At Wrenbury

Moored at Wrenbury

Gas bubble tester

Ben was in a funny mood yesterday as he just didn't want to go for a walk past the 'Dusty Miller' as yesterday they'd emptied the bottle banks and frightened him with the noise! So I left him on the boat while I went to check they were ready for us at the boat yard at Wrenbury Mill. Eric manoeuvred the boat into the space and then Ben and I went for a walk to Marbury Locks and back. Ben enjoys this walk as there is a clean stream running alongside the canal and he enjoys a paddle- and shakes all over me!

Back on the boat the friendly engineer had fitted the gas bubble tester and we were waiting for the 'Gas Safe' engineer to turn the gas back on and check the system for leaks. I'd had to empty the kitchen cupboard next to the cooker as this was where the gas isolation valve and testing point are. It's surprising how much stuff that cupboard holds. Anyway all tested and the gas cooker checked and we passed the Gas Safety Check and have the certificate to prove it. Then there was unexpected power cut putting the payment system out of action and the Lift Bridge out of action but it didn't last long and soon we were on our way with much lighter pockets.

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