Tuesday, October 26, 2010

'Manic Monday'- Ellesmere To Frankton Junction

This morning we woke up to see a thick frost covering everything outside the boat but as the sun rose in the sky it melted away. We'd decided to turn around, fill up with water, and use the services and do a Tesco shop. First of all I had to walk the dog. But it turned into a manic Monday with boats everywhere, of course it's half term! First of all there was no room on the water point so we went down the Ellesmere Arm looking for a mooring to stop and shop, but again there was no room. Two boats at the end of the arm sporting 'For Sale' signs and one now also has a patrol notice attached as well as they chose to ignore the 72 hours signs. Some of the winter moorers are already there too, although there's another week before the winter moorings start.

We managed to moor up just outside the Arm and did the shopping so we won't starve. As we moved off to the water point there were boats everywhere, so our spot was soon filled again. Amazingly we had the water point to ourselves for all of ten minutes. Everything emptied or filled so we're OK for a week or so. Loads of boats on the move and of course we met them in awkward places as usual. Ben and I jumped off at a bridge hole so we could walk as far as Frankton Junction where the Bridge Numbers begin again 1W where the W stands for west. We moored up on the visitor moorings as the boats continued to rush past us. We are hoping they will have been and come back from Llangollen before we even get there.

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