Tuesday, October 05, 2010

It's Autumn- Norbury To Market Drayton

Autumn sunshine!

In Woodseaves Cutting- Bridge 57

Leaving our mooring at Norbury was delayed waiting for a space at the waterpoint then a boat went past us and pulled into our space so we waited again with me on the waterpoint. I managed to change loads of books at the BW Information Centre so I've got reading matter for quite a while. Ben and I walked until we reached Grub Street Cutting as I didn't have my wellies on. Back on the boat I checked my emails knowing that the winter moorings were coming online today.

The Shroppie is reknown for it's high embankments and deep cuttings and we cruised along Shebdon Embankment where the breach caused chaos last year. Ben and I jumped off the boat at a bridge hole and had a lovely walk with the Wrekin in sight and the hills beyond visible too. Back on the boat for Woodseaves Cutting where the canal narrows in places and is cut through solid rock. Ferns flourish in the damp atmosphere and the towpath's very wet too. At Tyrley Locks progress as most of the traffic was going down, further delayed by a boat getting stuck on the cill- no not a hireboat. They were lucky as they put some water in the lock and floated off the cill. We moored outside Market Drayton where everyone walks their dogs so it certainly wasn't quiet spot.


Linda said...

Many apologies if that was me who jumped the queue at the waterpoint, I do remember a boat looking as if it was about to set off but wasn't aware that it was waiting. Linda on Kanbedun Again.

Elsie said...

Hi Linda,

It's OK- you're forgiven.We are not in a rush.

Linda said...

The worse case of water point bullying I have suffered was when a hotel boat, Tiny? Purple, was following me on the K&A. As I pulled over onto a water point, they did too and then their boat literally pushed me forwards off the water point. I had the last laugh though as the lady crew got a real soaking as the hose blew off the tap! Probably see you again as I too am heading towards Wales!