Monday, October 18, 2010

A Cold And Frosty Morning At Wrenbury


We met up with Alan and Eiddwen at Wrenbury (NB Shush) as planned and moored in front of them. We had a catch up chat and tried to get a satellite signal ending up moving the boat along a boat length to get a good signal. After getting a bit of shopping we popped in the boatyard at Wrenbury Mill to ask about a gas safety certificate- one step towards our Boat Safety Certificate (BSC). Our engineer had told us we needed this for the BSC as we live aboard. We're also going to have a gas bubble tester put on the system for our own safety. So we are hanging about at Wrenbury to get it done.

Eric's been visiting in Newport as there's a station at Wrenbury. Arriva Trains have a good deal on at the moment called Club 55- travel on their routes for £15 return or £13 with a senior railcard if you're over 55. He stayed at his sister's house- thanks Paula for putting him up- and was able to visit my dad, our daughters and grandaughter Gwen. The picture was taken by her dad Gerwyn, put on facebook and pinched by me!

I had a quiet few days walking Ben the dog, reading a book and spending time on the computer of course. I passed the NB Kate/Katy who moor at Swanley (sorry can't remember which!) while out walking the dog and had a chat, they knew us from my blog. It's surprising how quiet it can be when you're on the boat without your other half. So he's back and we're waiting patiently. This is one of the places with a 'Designated Winter Mooring' sign but not a place I'd want to stay for five months unless I had a car.

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