Saturday, September 04, 2010

We've Done The Hatton Flight!

Leaving Hatton Lock 37

The final climb!

Please read the sign from Hatton Top Lock

Today we did Hatton 21 and it took four hours to do 21 locks mainly because we had to empty every lock before we could use it as there were no other boats in the flight. It was obviously slower also because we only used one gate and one lot of paddle gear. Lots of walkers and families about along the flight but as far as moving boats are concerned we have found this section of the Grand Union really quiet. The sign by Hatton Top Lock made me smile with its 'Towpath Code of Conduct' as pedestrians have priority! Unfortunately some of the cyclists don't take any notice of the signs! After all those locks I'm tired so we're moored out in the countryside enjoying the sunshine before heading down to Stratford and more locks!

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