Friday, September 03, 2010

Leamington Spa To Newport (By Train)

My dad in Porthcawl-looking good at 83!

On Tuesday Eric and I walked to the railway station and Ben came too. I waved them goodbye and set off by train to Birmingham New Street and then to Newport in south Wales. A few hours later my daughter Clare met me at the station and we had lunch together then I went to see my daughter Lisa and grandaughter Gwenllian before going to stay with my dad. It's always nice to see our girls and thanks Paula for bringing down our mail.

My dad wanted to go to Porthcawl- a local seaside resort so we used our free bus passes to travel first of all to Cardiff and then to Porthcawl- in all it took about nearly three hours to get there with all the stops but it was nice to see and smell the sea! I know I spend my life afloat but I do love to see the sea. Of course we had fish and chips and a walk along the sea front although as the weather was so beautiful there were no crashing waves. A few hours later and the marathon journey began again but we were home by half past six. It would have been much quicker by train but thanks to Beeching there aren't any trains to Porthcawl.

I returned to Leamington Spa to find Eric had come to meet me on the boat so I didn't have a long walk back to the boat. Ben was pleased to see me and so was Eric- it was very quiet out in the country. We didn't want to stay in a built up area so we headed toward Tesco on the outskirts of Warwick for a quick shop before mooring up on some Armco the other side of Warwick.

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