Monday, September 27, 2010

Have You Moored Near Here?

We were on a bit of a mission as I needed to get to Radford Bank in Stafford by Thursday to go back to Newport for a family funeral. At Gailey we met up with Alan and Eiddwen (NB Shush) pointing in the opposite direction to us, so we stopped for a catch up chat before continuing on our way. We finally moored up above Deptmore Lock about a mile a way from Radford Bank as the plan was that I walk Ben before leaving to catch the train. The lock cottage is undergoing restoration at present after being empty for quite a while.

For a change everthing went according to plan and Eric and Ben waved me goodbye at the bus stop. Eric then moved the boat and found a mooring until I came back. He was surprised to find that Maggie and Bernie on NB Blue Diamond were moored up already s0 he was their next door neighbour. They even made him a cup of tea when he arrived. The picture should give you a clue- he moored up at his favourite place! It's very busy here too, so it's obviously other peoples favourite mooring place too.

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