Tuesday, September 21, 2010

From Whittington Lock To Bratch Locks

NB Bendigedig at Whittington Lock

We've had a long day today with seven hours cruising which is unusual for us but we need to get closer to a railway station as I am going to Newport on Thursday. We left our mooring at Whittington and managed to work through 15 locks including Bratch Locks. Most of the locks are spaced out so I walked between some with Ben and had a ride between the others. Progress was hampered because everytime we got going we had to go very slow past fishermen and moored boats. Lots of bikers on the towpaths with the weather being dry and sunny which meant I had to keep Ben on a lead. Bratch Locks were busy and we were third in the queue which continued to grow even longer. The lock keeper watched from the top lock as we did blue paddles before red as it said on the notice until we reached the top lock where he did help us. Moored up on the Visitor Moorings rather tired- it's been a long day.

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