Friday, August 27, 2010

A Visit To Braunston

It certainly rained last night- I had a drip from a mushroom vent into the bathroom it was so heavy. In the morning we decided to move even though it was still raining as we wanted to be away from Braunston before the Bank Holiday weekend. Ben and I walked and as we got nearer we could see Braunston Church high on the hill. Back on the boat we tried to moor near Midland Chandlers but there was no room so we turned right and moored on the Oxford and Grand Union Canal where we needed a plank to reach the bank. Ben preferred to jump rather than walk the plank!

We had a list of things we needed and managed to get most of except the sealing tape for the new glass for our Acorn stove. We ended up walking up to Braunston Chandlery by the bottom lock of Braunston Locks to get this so we could fit the new glass. We passed by NB Dover moored up in Braunston Marina. By the time we got back to the boat we needed a cuppa and some lunch before heading off to look for a mooring where we wouldn't need to walk the plank. We moored up on our own and soon we had boats either side of us suitably spaced of course.

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