Monday, August 02, 2010

Stone To Great Haywood and Tixall Wide

The fingerpost at Haywood Junction

Leaving Stone behind at midday Ben and I walked for a while to Aston Lock before I got back on the hairy boat to do some cleaning - the carpets needed vacuuming as Ben's hair was taking over. It was all done by the time we got to Sandon lock where a couple of boats were waiting to go down and also some waiting to come up. After working the lock Ben and I walked for a mile or so and by the time we got to the next lock there was no queue at all in fact we had to turn the lock before we could use in it.

I arrived on foot at Haywood Junction with Ben the dog and Eric pulled in to the space on the water point to use the facilities. The Anglo welsh boatyard charge £1 to empty cassettes but with no BW elsan disposal you don't really have a choice. We filled the water tank and then took a right turn to make a short trip on the Staffs and Worcester Canal to find a space at Tixall Wide for the weekend. It was very full unless you count the large gaps between the moored boats. We managed to find a space and moored up and Eric found the dot in the sky for satellite TV.

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