Monday, August 30, 2010

Stockton Locks - Ten More Locks!

Opposite 'The Blue Lias'

Grand Union- Stockton Locks

Ben and I walked for a while until it started raining, soon we were at the top of Stockton Locks. This is a flight of ten locks ending at Long Itchington. The lock flight was very busy with walkers and gongoozlers due perhaps to there being six pubs nearby as well as a Bank Holiday weekend. We ended up going down the flight on our own as there wasn't a boat in sight. Two boats passed on the way up the flight.

The weather was quite strange, one minute the sun shined and then it absolutely hammered down with rain soaking us very quickly. Ben jumped back on the boat to stay dry it was so heavy! We stopped for water before mooring up just past the bottom lock. The towpath is a cycle route too and we didn't spot a bike coming so Ben barked at him- he really doesn't like men on bikes. The cyclist told us it was a cycle route and we told him its always been a towpath!

We'd planned to go to the shop for a paper but it closed at 12 o'clock on a Sunday. Eric watched the Grand Prix while I read some blogs. We met Ernie and his partner with NB Ten Bob Note coming down Stockton Locks but I'm having problems reading the recent entries on his blog.


Ernie said...

Hi Elsie,



Elsie said...

Hi Ernie- no luck your link takes me to May 2010 with no way of getting to August 2010. regards Elsie