Saturday, August 21, 2010

Return Journey -Shackerstone To Stoke Golding

Are you going to play ball?

We left Shackerstone and cruised as far as Bosworth Wharf. I walked with Ben to give him some exercise before we left him on the boat to go food shopping in Market Bosworth. We were going to walk it's about a mile into town but I saw a bus approaching and stuck out my arm, it stopped and took us up the hill into town. It must be luck as it's an hourly service and we just happened to be there. We found the very small Coop, got the things we needed and caught the bus back to the wharf-again an hourly service. There and back in under an hour so Ben couldn't have had chance to miss us.

Back on the boat we had a thunder and lightning storm and Ben hates bangs so it was just as well we got back quickly. Once the rain eased we decided to move as I wanted to watch the final of Masterchef and we couldn't get a satellite signal where we were. After several attempts to moor up as it was too shallow we finally stopped near Stoke Golding. There's some footpaths for me to follow with Ben the dog while Eric services the boat engine.

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