Sunday, August 15, 2010

Moving On -Up Eleven Locks At Atherstone

Restoration In Progress


NB Jaguar

An old boat with a new cabin

Moving on towards Atherstone Locks we passed 'Narrowcraft' near Bradley Green which specialise in restoring old boats. I took some photos as we love old boats. Lots have passed us with their distinctive engine sound announcing their arrival. Ben and I walked while Eric steered the boat. We stopped at the services at Bradley Green to top up the water tank after doing some washing.

Very soon we were at the bottom of Atherstone locks, a flight of eleven well maintained locks and we were in luck as boats were moving in both directions so it was open gates for us to go into. After six locks we stopped for lunch and a trip to the Co-op for bread , milk and some fresh fruit and vegetables. As we got back to the boat there was a really heavy rain storm so we stayed put until it stopped.

We finally moved on about four o'clock and did the next five locks before stopping for the night. We can hear trains but there's no roads nearby so we're in for a peaceful night.

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