Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Long Itchington To Radford Bottom- Nine More Locks

Monday was a day of beautiful sunny weather- most unusual for a Bank Holiday. Leaving Long Itchington behind our first stop was Bascote Wharf for water and getting rid of our rubbish. Then it a staircase lock followed by seven more locks going down with a couple from New Zealand. Lots of chat going on but the paddle gear was still stiff, some a bit easier than others. Lots of free fruit on this canal and I picked apples and blackberries to make a pie by one of the locks. A quick stop to use the elsan before continuing down Fosse Locks and stopping near Bridge 33 for a couple of days. Thanks Ann and Chas on NBMoore2Life for mentioning a good place to stop in their blog. We wanted to be out in the country but within walking distance of a railway station.
We needed some fresh food so we set off with our rucksacks and Ben the dog for a what seemed to be a very long walk to Sydenham part of Leamington Spa. Asda is half a mile from the canal at Bridge 37 but we had about two miles to walk to get there, so in all we did about five miles and we were tired when we got back with the shopping. Ben enjoyed the walk and even had a little sleep while we drank tea!

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