Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hillmorton Locks And Then It Rained!

Hillmorton Bottom Locks

Somewhere to sit!

Moored near a golf course the grass cutters woke me this morning, but we needed to move fairly early if we wanted to avoid the forecast rain. A walk to the locks with Ben the dog was planned with a stop to top up the water tank after doing some washing. Hillmorton water tap must be the slowest on the system- it took ages. An old pair of lock gates now adorns an area with large stones as a visitor attraction- a picnic area perhaps.

We worked through the duplicated locks at Hillmorton fairly quickly with no queues at all but the boaters we met coming towards us in the flight shut the gates as they left a lock - a 'should have gone to specsavers' moment. There's been a lot more sections with Armco on this canal since our visit a few years ago.We passed another new marina being dug out at Barby where there was an old loop of the canal- I wonder how many empty spaces there'll be as new marinas are popping up everywhere. The long lines of boats moored online don't seem to have decreased but the cost of marina moorings is an obvious factor. We moored up just in time- the forecasted heavy rain came but we were snug and dry watching some very wet boaters go past the windows.

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