Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Great Haywood To Rugeley (Trent & Mersey Canal)

A view from the boat
After a few days at Tixall we left NB Shush and headed to Haywood Junction to get some water before we turned right to continue our summer cruise. We had to queue for water and then the tank took an age to fill so it was quite a while before we headed for Haywood Lock to queue again. Staff from Anglowelsh were showing a new hireboater how to work the lock and this lock loses so much water through leaky gates it takes an age to fill anyway. Finally on our way it was queues at Colwich Lock too but there was lots of help so were soon on our way. We decided to stop before we got to Rugeley but we could see the power station not that far away. We planned to stop for a quick shop as Morrisons is very near the canal the next day.

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