Sunday, August 08, 2010

Enjoying Tixall Wide

Bendy at Tixall Wide

After a few days I returned to Eric and Ben the dog moored in the peace of Tixall Wide. I was having trouble downloading an antivirus so we decided to cruise up to Radford Bank so we could take a bus into Stafford to get one from PC World. We left Ben looking after the boat and caught a bus into Stafford and found the store near the cinema. I bought an internet security package but this still needed updating on the computer. The signal was 3G being moored just a mile from Stafford so I was able to do a Windows Update as well to get the new computer up to date quickly.
In the morning Ben and I walked towards 'The Moat House' at Acton Trussell which was the nearest turning circle to go back to Tixall Wide while Eric steered the boat. We had a ride back but Ben would have been quite happy to walk back too. Alan and Eiddwen on NB Shush has passed us the day before going to Tixall Wide so we planned to meet then there and spend a few days.

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Sue said...

Gosh... AVG ( would have saved you a journey!

I have been using that for over 12 years, and it stops the lot!