Monday, August 23, 2010

Cruising And Walking-Stoke Golding To Marston Jabbett

Just checking where we're going!

Sunday morning we decided to move, Ben and I walked a couple of miles and I was feeling hot and bothered in the muggy heat by the time I got back on the boat.When I took this photo Eric was looking at the Pearson wondering where we could moor up later on. First of all we needed to get fuel at Trinity Marina and yes they do allow you to self declare-good because we needed 118 litres. It was unusual because we had to fill the tank ourselves and then go and pay. Obviously not concerned we'd make a run for it! It cost us a pound to empty some cassettes but it was worth it- there's only one BW Elsan and that's at Snarestone, the other end of the canal.

We filled the water tank at a BW point near 'The Lime Kilns' pub and Eric went off on foot up the A5 to a garage to get a paper. All we needed was a nice place to stop to hang out all the washing to dry. We finally moored up on Armco near Marston Jabbot- there's some amazing names on this canal. We've enjoyed our week of rural peace.

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