Friday, August 06, 2010

Busy Days!

After a quiet weekend at Tixall Wide it was time to go visiting to see family and friends in south Wales. I caught the bus to Stafford and then trains to Newport changing at Birmingham New Street. In Newport I met Pat and Wendy some old pals of mine from working days and we had lunch. It was nice to catch up as I hadn't seen them for a while. After lunch I went to see my daughter Lisa and granddaughter Gwenllian- stars of the photograph. After an entertaining few hours it was time to go and see my dad as I was staying with him and he was expecting me for tea. The next day was sick visiting- Paula with her leg in plaster and my daughter Clare who had trouble with a dislocated hip.
The next day it was time to go and look at some laptops as mine has terminal symptoms as it's five years old. The screen has two wide vertical bands on it , the battery lasts for twenty minutes and it's incredibly slow even though I defrag and clear of unwanted files. I realised it was past it and headed for Curry's/PC World for a replacement and ended up with a Toshiba laptop on offer with £100 off. So I've been busy getting to know my computer although it frustrates me because I can't use some software I'm familiar with as it works on XP but not on Windows 7. I don't think my printer or scanner will work either. Luckily there are alternatives on the computer so it's another learning curve. We ended up going to moor near Stafford for a few days as there's an excellent 3G+ signal so I could do all the Windows and AVG updates much more quickly.

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