Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Walking Wrenbury To Marbury To Wrenbury

Ben posing on the footpath through a field.

Purple flowers on the towpath-what are they?

Presently moored at Wrenbury as Eric has gone to Wales. For the last two days Ben and I have been walking the towpaths and we've been lucky as it's rained only when we were safely back on board. This morning Ben had a contrary moment as I wanted to walk along the towpath to Marbury and back giving us a four mile walk. He decided he didn't want to go that way but had no choice when I kept walking leaving him sat by the boat. It was a case of she's gone without me I'd better follow her - when I was out of sight!

We met a lady from NB Bob's Dream walking her dog while her partner steered the boat. We had a good chat and discovered she originated from Cwmcarn just outside Newport where I was born. There's lots of welsh people on the cut. The dogs enjoyed a good play and as usual Ben found some water- there's a stream running alongside the canal. Both dogs went in for a paddle- luckily it wasn't one of those dirty ditches- so they both came out clean. When we reached Marbury we turned back while they carried on to wait in the queue for the lock. Back on the boat it's raining again very heavily. Eric's on his way back by train with more eye drops but he hasn't got to go back to the eye clinic at the hospital unless he has a problem with his eyes again.


anne said...

one of the cranesbill family..not sure which

Anonymous said...

it looks like 'johnson's blue', a hardy geranium or similer variety have a look at this rhs doc. we have Johnson's blue in our garden it looks just the same as your photo