Saturday, July 03, 2010

Walking In Ellesmere

The Mere- from Castle Fields

Ben at Castle Fields, Ellesmere

The boat is moored up in Ellesmere and we chose to moor by a grassy towpath rather than next to the dusty surface of the visitor moorings. We could have moored on the Ellesmere Arm but its much quieter where we are and fewer dogs go past for Ben to bark at. He guards his boat from intruders and keeps us safe. Eric got the garden shears out and cut the three foot grass so we could see out of the windows. The shears were a new buy only £3 at Tesco's. It also meant he could see how dirty the boat was and give that side a wash.

I did some necessary housework - the inside of the boat needed a good clean to get rid off the dog hair so out came the dyson. I know it won't stay hair free for long with Ben the dog! Ben waited patiently until I'd finished and then we went for a walk. We walked along a familiar route along the towpath until we came to the footpath leading to the woody area Ben likes so much as there's different tracks and we try and vary our route. Leaving the wood we walk along the road until we reached the gate which leads to Castle Fields where Ben can have a good run. At this time of the year it's like a wild flower meadow and he loves to have a rest in the long grass. We walked through the field and then back to the boat via the wood and the towpath.

We decided to take the boat for a little cruise to turn around at the winding hole so we were facing the right way to get some water on Monday. The change of propeller made the boat feel different and the steering lighter but no doubt we'll get used to it. It's great not to have vibrations and noises from the stern and Eric's much happier!

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