Friday, July 16, 2010

No Water Shortage At Hurleston Reservoir

A pair of old boats at Wrenbury (Eric's photo)

After Eric came back from Newport it was time to move on to obey the 48 hour mooring sign but we didn't go far- just through the electrically operated lift bridge to moor up for the night. In the morning we did a bit of shopping in the Post Office Stores at Wrenbury and then we were on the move again. Liz of NB Henry had texted to say they were still in Swanley Marina and arranged to meet us once I'd told her we were leaving Baddiley Locks and heading towards Swanley Locks. Ben had a surprise to see Connie on the towpath with Liz some way behind- Connie was on a mission. The dogs had their usual mad play session while Liz and I had a good catch up chat. After helping us through the locks she walked back to the marina with a promise to see us tomorrow.

Eric and I were looking forward seeing NB Henry with her new colours but the wind and rain have been dreadful so the boat stayed in Swanley for another day. Meanwhile Ben and I went for a walk with me thoroughly prepared for the weather with my wet gear on. We walked as far as Hurleston reservoir and enjoyed a walk around its perimeter before returning along the towpath to the boat. There was certainly no shortage of water in the reservoir and it absolutely hammered down with rain as we walked back. As soon as I could see the boat I sent Ben on ahead and Eric had dried him off by the time a dripping me arrived although my wet gear kept me nice and dry inside.

Liz and Connie came for a visit in the afternoon and the dogs had a great time while we chatted. Tomorrow we're working down the Hurleston Locks and heading for the Middlewich Branch of the Shropshire Union Canal. Keep your fingers crossed for a dry day without all this wind.

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