Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Moored At Ellesmere

I am at the moment feeling like a sitting target moored near Ellesmere . I wonder how many boats will run into us this week. Two hits to date! What annoys me more is the fact they don't even apologise which means I turn into a grumpy old woman and yell out the side hatch, after all sorry costs nothing. Today I was hit at 8.30am and I was asleep and wondered what was going on- who needs an alarm clock. The boater steering was heard to say 'they should straighten out the bends on this canal' as I put my head out to look at the boat name. At the next bend they just hit the bank. I'll be looking out for that boat if they pass by again and I may turn into a grumpy old woman ! I just wish some boaters would be more considerate and slow down as they pass our moored boat. They are on a mission to get to Llangollen as fast as they can rather than enjoying the journey. Moans over!

Ben and I are enjoying Ellesmere while Eric gets the doctor and dentists appointments sorted in Newport. We enjoy walking here and today we walked about seven miles from our mooring in Ellesmere to Colemere (and back) including a mile and a half walk around the mere as the lakes are called around here. Ben enjoyed a paddle with the water up to his middle as he loves water- warm or freezing cold it makes no difference. It took us about two and a half hours and it was just one of those places I'd passed in the boat I'd wanted to explore. Ben really enjoyed it in the woods and is now having a nap giving me peace and quiet for a little while at least.

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