Friday, July 02, 2010

Docked For A Day- Now We're Mobile!

The new(to us) propeller

High and dry again

The boat was in the dry dock by 9.00am Thursday and it was high and comparatively dry- there's always a wet muddy floor in a dry dock. Eric looked at the propellor and realised there was no way he could fix the dings. I rang Maestermyn Marine Boatyard and they had a slightly smaller used propellor which we ended up having fitted Thurdsay. He rang around for us to try and get the same size as on the boat either new or previously owned but no luck. Anyway the prop he brought was a much better quality than the one on the boat so at least we won't have all the noise and vibration although we'll probably notice a little less power at the same revs of the engine. We'll look out for a good quality correct size for when it next goes into dry dock. Eric's been busy painting the gunnels and putting another coat of Comastic above the water line to cover up the scrapes while the boat is dry docked.

After our night in the dry dock we were up and ready by eight am to try out the propeller when we were out of the dock. The dry dock filled up really quickly and the BW men carefully pulled us out until we were able to start the engine and be on our way. They said they hoped they didn't see again for two years. Let's hope we don't see them either because it always costs us. The noises from the stern have ceased so all is well on NB Bendigedig.

We're planning to have a few lazy days here in Ellesmere watching the boats whizz by- now not too close it's new paint on those gunnels. Maybe a summer trip to Llangollen is our next destination as we've only ever been there in the winter.


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Midland Chandlers carry a goo range of props, both new and second hand

Elsie said...

Thanks Brian & Diana, we'll have a look when we are near Midland Chandlers.