Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Change Of Plan and Direction!

A Thistle (for Anne)

Follow that Dog!

Eric returned after a busy few days in Newport- he ended up visiting the eye clinic at the hospital after his doctor's appointment. He is suffering with iritis and has to go back to the eye clinic next week. We decided not to rush to Llangollen this weekend but go back along the canal to Whitchurch as it has a railway station. This means we won't have to rely on a bus service to get to a station as we did in Ellesmere. The buses to Shrewsbury from Ellesmere are hourly in the morning but in the afternoon there is no longer a bus at 2pm on a weekday other than in the school holidays. Of course Eric went to catch this bus and had to wait until 3pm!

On Friday we used the BW services and I left Eric to wait for the water tank to fill and took Ben for a short walk. He planned to moor on the arm so we could do a Tesco shop without having to carry anything. With Tesco's permission we pushed our shopping in the trolley to the boat and the young lad from Tesco took it back to the store. Did they think we were going to pinch it but where the hell could we have put it on a boat!

Shopping done and we were on the move again travelling a few hours to find a nice quiet place to moor. We had quite a surprise when a duck landed on the sidehatch opening wanting food but nothing should surprise me after a swallow flew in and out of the sidehatch when we were moored at Ellesmere. As they nest in the dry dock they must be quite familiar with boats and we often watch them drinking from the canal in flight.

On Saturday morning I had a lovely walk with Ben the dog although in a few places we felt like we were in the jungle with the tall vegetation and only a narrow pathway through but I mustn't grumble as we had the towpath all to ourselves. After a few hours cruising we stopped and moored up - just in time for Eric to watch the qualifying rounds for the Grand Prix on Sunday.


anne said...

went to BIRMINGHAM TODAY, thought about ourjaunts there ,in days of old.....really enjoyed the steve Mccurry photo exhibition...thanks for the thistle anne

Elsie said...

It was a case of the thistle made me think of the wee highland shortie! Thanks for the emails- lovely to hear from you. Love Elsie