Sunday, June 20, 2010

Whittington To Swindon- A Return Trip In The Sunshine

Gothersley Lock and Bridge

Well Eric watched England play football Friday evening and I'm saying not more- it's all been said! The boat stayed put on Saturday but we went for a circular walk to Kinver and back to the boat - it only took an hour. We had a lazy day other than that although we still played ball with Ben. I watched some normal Saturday night TV and Eric caught up with the football when they showed the highlights.

On Sunday we left Whittington and worked through loads of locks to reach Swindon. I walked a lot of the way but it wasn't much fun with so many bikes- it was a case of ding ding get out of the way. We were delayed at Greensforge Lock and provided the entertainment for the drinkers in the garden at 'The Navigation'. It was a duckling rescue mission as Eric came into the lock four tiny ducklings and mum were there already so it was a reverse out and luckily they went out with the boat too. He then put the boat back in the lock. We didn't want to squash the tiny ducklings who wouldn't have been able to get out of the way.

Another lock later(Hinksford Lock) and we were moored at Swindon. This lock had a paddle stuck open but because it had three paddles we got through OK. The gate paddle on the top gate never goes down until the gate is shut but we knew about that. So we're moored in the same place as we moored on the way down- not so much gardening to do then- amongst the long grass. Let's hope the hay fever tablets give me a sneeze free night!

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