Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We've Arrived In Ellesmere

We did the last part of our speedy journey in seven and a half hours- not that we could travel at any speed just long days at slow speeds. We left our mooring below Grindley Brook and joined the procession of boats going up the six locks until we were amongst the four boats in the pound below the staircase waiting to go up. It was a slow process as it works on a three up and three down basis. Leaving the top lock was tricky as a boat was moored too close to the lock and we had to stop and push out the bow of our boat. Did they offer to move- NO!

Ben and I walked along a familiar towpath to Whitchurch while Eric cruised in the sunshine. At Whitchurch the lift bridge was up but the person who opened it leaped back on her boat expecting me to swim to the other side. Eric stopped on the off side and managed to let it down. The Llangollen Canal is very busy and we had three more lift bridges to do and there was some cooperation with a boat travelling behind as we took it in turns to do the lift bridges. We finally arrived at Ellesmere and moored near the Dry Dock ready for the morning. We are so not used to all this travelling - we need a holiday!

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