Thursday, June 03, 2010

A Visit To Audlem

The Locks At Audlem

The Church At Audlem

We left Coole Pilate Leisure Area behind on Tuesday and I walked to Audlem while Eric steered the boat. As always Ben enjoyed it despite the rain. I found out by one pair of walking boots weren't waterproof any more as the sole had parted company with the upper at one point leaving a hole. We arrived at the bottom of the 15 Audlem locks following NB Shush who stopped after two locks at the first waterpoint while we carried on to the next one above the next lock. We had to wait in the lock until a boat finished watering up - luckily no one wanted to go down! Eric used the services while I did a quick dash to the Co-op for some fresh fruit, bread and milk. There'd been a festival at Audlem over the Bank Holiday weekend so there was very little fruit or salad stuff in the shop until the delivery came. I got back before the water filled up of course. We then continued up ten more locks to moor at Cox Bank- a nice peaceful spot. NB Shush arrived a few hours later.

On Wednesday NB Shush carried on to Market Drayton they needed a supermarket shop while Eric and I walked down the locks to Audlem with Ben the dog. It was very hot so it was hard going walking back up the locks and we were glad to be back in the boat with a cold drink. It was much cooler inside with all the doors open to let the breeze through.

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