Sunday, June 13, 2010

Swindon To Stewponey Wharf

On Sunday I popped to the shop in Swindon and got the papers before we moved away from the greenery engulfing the boat giving me dreadful hayfever. Being a Sunday there were bikes , dogs and wakers everywhere. Ben had to stay on a lead as I didn't want him chasing bikes and barking at them- he still thinks if it moves chase it. He usually ignores kids and women on bikes, but he loves the speedy men in all their gear. We met a few grumpy men as even though he was on a lead he still barked and they didn't like it! Eric's a bit grumpy too as he dinged the propellor on some underwater debris.

The locks have been hard going today as all the traffic is going south and we have to fill the locks up before we can use them. Also most of the time I can't use my long throw windlass as it's too long. It's difficult to find anywhere to moor to get the satellite TV as the canal is surrounded by trees and there's also a lot of uncut vegetation making mooring difficult. We moored at Stewponey Visitor Moorings just before the rain came pouring down. The grass had been cut so my hayfever symptoms should ease off- the tablets can't cope when I'm surrounded my long seeding grasses and other plants. Eric managed to find a satellite signal so he could watch some football and the Grand Prix while I read the Sunday papers. There's some very soggy people going past the boat.

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