Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A Short Trip To Brewood

After taking Ben out for a walk dressed for the weather the rain stopped and we had a nice walk towards Brewood. Back on the boat we decided to top up the water tank and move on to Brewood- pronounced 'Brood' by the locals. Some of the previously posh bridges look decidedly shabby on this stretch of the canal and the offside of the canal is quite overgrown in places. We stopped for shopping at Brewood as I needed some fruit and vegetables and a trip to Coopers was planned. Back on the boat we moved on to visitor moorings between Bridge 7 and 8. As we approached the moorings a lady of a moored boat informed us the canal was closed as an electricity cable had come down across the canal and caught fire. The firemen had put out the fire and the canal could not be reopened until the electricity company had removed the offending cable.

We planned to stop any way so it made little difference to us. Alan and Eiddwen on NB Shush were already moored up so Alan came out to catch the rope. They'd stayed to do some jobs on their boat. We had a good catch up chat since we hadn't seen them since out stay at Coxbank near Audlem. Of course Ben got his ball as Alan always throws it for him.

A couple of hours later the boat traffic was once again coming past as the canal had been reopened. We knew it wouldn't be a long stoppage as the cable was part of the supply to a nearby village. It made us think of the fun we had last year when we got caught up with the Shebdon Embankment stoppage which closed the Shroppie as a through route for months.

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