Monday, June 14, 2010

A Short Cruise To Kinver

Kinver Waterpoint

Stewpony Lock

We had to leave Stewpony Wharf as the moorings were 24 hours only so we only moved a little further on. In fact two locks away is Kinver and we managed to find a space and we were lucky enough to get a satellite signal. Ben and I walked but he had to stay on a long lead as there were just too many bikers that he would have chased given the chance. We stopped at the waterpoint to top up and got rid of the rubbish as well.

We walked into Kinver to get bread and milk in the Co-op. A lot of the shops were closed for the afternoon- we have an uncanny knack of visiting places when it's early closing day. It was very noisy in Kinver - they're in the process of widening pavements for traffic calming. At least the canal is away from the noise- all you can hear are birds.
As you can see the photographs are in the wrong order but they took so long to upload I've not done them in the correct order.


Anonymous said...

Hi Elsie and Eric

We met at Cool Pilate, before we returned to our moorings at Swanley.
Good to meet you both, and hopefully meet again soon. We mentioned Liberty Belle who is still at their moorings at Swanley. Are they still occupied with their new house in L......... ?
Kind regards DEREK and Dot

Elsie said...

HI Derek & Dot,

We don't know as we've not heard from since leaving our winter mooring.

Regards Elsie & Eric