Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Prop Ding! BW To The Rescue!

My daughter Clare with her niece Gwenllian

Clare came to visit us at Bratch a little earlier than planned and Mark the lock keeper was kind enough to lock her motorbike in the rubbish compound for the night. He teased us that the bin men came at 7.30 am and nearly took it away- but they read the note attached to the seat of the bike. It was great to see her- we haven't had any visitors for ages.

On Thursday we were on the move again leaving Bratch behind and heading all the way to Autherley Junction calling in at Oxley Marina to ask about our propellor problem. We dinged it and bent two blades near Wombourne and we were hoping they could use their slipway and sort it out. But basically they told us they couldn't do it- we'd need a dry dock so we were wondering what to do as we hovered at Autherley Junction. Which way should we go?

I rang BW to ask about dry dock vacancies and we were in luck there was a cancellation at Ellesmere Dry Dock for 1-07-10 so now we're on a mission! We've a week to get there but I know we can do it as we know how far we need to go each day.

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