Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Norbury To Wheaton Aston

Monday came and we needed to move on again. We weren't sure where we'd end up as the weather forecast was for a wet afternoon. We were awake early so decided to get water at the junction and move before the rain came. I popped to the shop at Norbury Junction for bread, sugar, a paper and milk - very overpriced and when I got back to the boat I realised I'd been overcharged so I went back and complained. They put right their mistake the £1.19 milk had cost me £1.99! When I shop there next I'll tot it up in my head first. Eric was pleased as they had July 'Waterways World' for him to read.

With the water full, we set off as usual Ben and I walked for an hour or so before going back aboard. Jonathan's comment yesterday on the lovely greenery made me realise I should appreciate the beautiful countryside around me but sometimes I'm not in the mood for walking and Ben needs exercise. I know some people just let the dog run alongside the boat which is great but Ben would chase bikes or runners if left to his own devices.

Back aboard I took a turn at steering which I enjoy on the Shroppie with its straightness along embankments and cuttings, rather than the winding route of a contour canal. There is short tunnel at Cowley which is cut out of rock so it's more like a cave and the cutting it opens into is impressive. The spoil from the cuttings was used to make the embankments when the canals were built. Only a few boats passed us- some didn't want to move over from the middle but I'd moved over so any further I would have been in the trees. We moored up opposite the pub at Wheaton Aston in the last available space and it was only midday. There were spaces in the cutting but we knew we couldn't get satellite TV there. The rain arrived as forecasted and we spent the afternoon listening to the radio and reading.

On Tuesday morning the rain was very heavy so we stayed put. A few boats passed us - hireboaters will no choice other than to keep to their schedule. This retirement lark is one long holiday if you live on a boat. It's great to please yourself with no schedules to stick to. We sometimes miss having a land based home but we'd need to win the lottery to do anything about it!

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