Thursday, June 10, 2010

Moved A Little Bit- To Bratch Visitor Moorings

Looking Up Bratch Locks

Today we only cruised an hour , working through three locks to get as far as Bratch Locks Visitor Moorings. Ben and I walked passing a few fishermen and disturbing their peace- they weren't any grumpy ones today. We moored up and a few boats pulled in behind us but left shortly afterwards merely stopping for lunch. In the afternoon we went to have a look at the Bratch Locks and took a few photos. The three locks will take us down about 30 feet when we go down tomorrow with the help of the lock keepers. They look like a staircase but are three locks telescoped together with blue and red paddles- if I remember it's blue before red but I'll check tomorrow. ( Yes I corrected this I had the wrong colours.) You can see the octagonally shaped office of the lock keeper at the top of the locks flying the English flag!

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