Saturday, June 05, 2010

Market Drayton To Norbury Junction

One of the high bridges

Woodseave Towpath- wellies needed!

On Saturday we left Market Drayton behind and headed on down the Shroppie. I walked with the boat to give Ben some exercise. We were in luck at the five Tyrley Locks as boats going in both directions meant gates left open for us and us leaving gates open so it was quicker and easier than usual. There's still no water at Tyrley it's still had a notice about problems with filtration so unfit for drinking but we were able to use the sanitary station and get rid off our rubbish once we moored up above the top lock.

Ben and I got back onboard as Woodseaves Cutting is rather wet! It's so wet and muddy that duckweed grows in the puddles and the towpath looks more like a muddy stream. I love the pair of high bridges spanning the canal, one at each end of the cutting and there's an amazing flora of ferns and mosses which thrive in the dampness. We were lucky that we only had to pass one boat as it very narrow.

No room to stop at Goldstone Wharf as all the boats had big gaps between them and no room at Shebdon Visitor Moorings either so we continued on our way. We stopped briefly at'The Anchor' where there was room for us but we couldn't get satellite TV and I wanted to see Dr Who. So we moved on again cruising through another cutting called Grub Street which was considerably drier than Woodseaves Cutting. At the end of this cuttting is the most photographed bridge on the Shroppie where a double arched bridge spans the canal. The bridge has a tiny telegraph pole under the top arch. A little further and we were luck there was a space in Norbury Visitor Moorings so our cruise finally came to an end after five hours. All I needed now was an icecream from the shop at Norbury Wharf.

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