Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Hot Hot Hot In Stourport

Stourport Basin

Today we cruised to Stourport on Severn and it's baking. We were in luck as there was a space at the mooring nearest York Street Lock and Eric managed to get a satellite signal for the football tonight. Eric and I took Ben for a walk down by the river and Ben enjoyed a paddle to cool off and a drink of course. We had a walk under the trees in the park and it was lovely and cool. It's a pleasant place to stop and a change to be in civilisation with shops, traffic and people. The chip shop provided a lovely fish and chip lunch- it's too hot for cooking!

This evening Eric washed one side of the boat as well as the front and back as the boat was covered in dust from the cycle track towpath. Lots of boats going down the lock to the basin but there's no room to moor there. We'll be going down in the morning to use the services and turn around as we're not going on the River Severn this time.

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