Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Brewood to Dimmingsdale

Autherley Lock

On Wednesday morning Alan and Eiddwen said their goodbyes as NB Shush went sailing by. They were heading towards Great Haywood. We left later and headed to Autherley Junction and then turned right towards Stourport. No doubt we'll meet up again on our travels.Ben and I walked the three miles to Autherley in an hour alongside the boat. At Autherley Lock there's only about a foot difference in level between the Shroppie and the Staffs and Worcs canals, so we went quickly through.

The Staffs and Worcs is quite different to the Shroppie- much shallower and narrower but a pretty rural canal. Our first stop after a lock at Compton was Limekiln Chandlers to get a few bits and pieces. We also needed diesel and it was easy peasy to get 30/70 as he already had a chart with the cost per litre fo the various splits. What a change from usual fuss made by some outlets.

We left Compton and worked through a few more locks to the Visitor Moorings at Dimmingsdale. It took quite a while to get satellite TV and we ended up having to move the boat forward because a tree was in the way. Another boat came and were disappointed as they always moor where we've moored. Anyway they moored in front of us. It's a busy towpath here with walkers, runners and bikes whizzing by.

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