Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bratch To Swindon in Staffordshire

A View of Bratch

On Saturday we moved on from a lovely quiet spot above Bratch Locks. There were no other boats about at Bratch Locks so we were quickly through- the lock keeper said it's been quiet for the time of year. Ben waited on his lead until I'd finished working the locks and then we left Bratch behind and continued walking while Eric steered the boat. We worked another lock and then spotted Sainsbury's at Wombourne Bridge No 43 so decided to stop and shop. There's lots of long grass about now so I am starting to get hay fever but a tablet seems to relieve the symtoms although I still sneeze a bit.

Next was Botterham Staircase where you have to make sure the bottom lock is empty to recieve the water from the top lock as you descend. We had to wait for a boat to go down so I helped them through. Two more locks and we wanted to more up at Swindon- the visitor moorings only have room for a few boats and were full so we are moored alongside window high grass and nettles. We had to do a bit of gardening so that we could get off the boat without being stung.

Eric got a good satellite signal as as you all know the World Cup has started. There's even an England Flag showing in one of the boat's windows but the Welsh Flag is still fluttering on the tiller.

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