Sunday, June 27, 2010

Audlem To Hurleston Junction (Flags Flying)

We began our descent into Audlem at 8.30am as we wanted to be moored up ready for England versus Germany on the TV. Today was our lucky day as at every lock we changed places in the pounds as boats climbed the flight as we descended. So those locks weren't so tiring after all. A quick stop at the Co-op in Audlem for a Sunday paper and we were on our way with just three more of the flight to negotiate. No more locks until we reached the pair at Hack Green and we were quickly through those as we helped the boat going down so they prepared the next lock down for us. It's so nice when people help each other instead of standing back and watching.We cruised past Nantwich and who should we see, Les on NB Valerie ! A quick hello as he responded to the shouts 'Les' - sorry nowhere to stop near you today. We're now moored below Hurleston Junction just in time to see the end of the Grand Prix and then the England versus Germany match. Tomorrow the Llangollen Canal!

As you can see from the photo the England Flags are flying on the roof but I hasten to add the Welsh Dragon is still in charge of the tiller. It surprises some people that we support England in the football but in rugby it's a completely different ball game in more ways than one.

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