Thursday, June 03, 2010

Adderley Locks And Market Drayton

Leaving Audlem Behind

Escapees At Adderley Locks

Changing Places At Adderley Locks

Thurday came and we left Audlem behind working through the last two locks of the flight. Ben and I walked for a while before getting back aboard as it was very hot walking. At Adderley we worked through the five locks easily with boats coming in both directions and changing places in the pounds. At one lock we had a surprise with lambs escaped from a field enjoying the shade by the lock. Ben had to have his lead on in case he decided to investigate. At the top lock there were free range eggs and cakes for sale- we gave the cakes a miss this time just buying some eggs. We had a pleasant cruise to Market Drayton stopping at the waterpoint to top up before finding a space to moor near the aqueduct. I walked into Market Drayton to get some shopping leaving Eric and Ben to relax.

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